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Stella Color is a verified G7™ Master Printer. The IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer program identifies Qualified G7 Master Printers as those printing companies, prepress service providers and agencies that have been trained to use the G7 Proof-to-Print Process and can produce proofs or can print to G7 standard. The G7 Master Printer qualification mark means that we use the most modern technology, techniques, proofing and press controls, and standards required to produce a close visual match from proof to print.

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Land & Zipping for FTP or dropbox upload?

Zipping for FTP or dropbox upload?

You can easily upload your files, either way you choose, directly to our production department:

1. Put all necessary files in a folder with your company name as the folder name.

2. Stuff or zip your folder.

3. Upload the stuffed/zipped file using an FTP client
(please download our if you haven't uploaded files to us before).
Or simply drop it in above!

Once the upload is complete, include a job description in an email to files@stellacolor.com or call.


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